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Wesley Ethyn Bowers


  MULTIDISCIPLINARY ARTIST    acrylic | ink | jewellery | music + lyrics | writing  

Wesley Ethyn Bowers is an American multidisciplinary artist. They have had success in a variety of artistic disciplines. Some of those are painting, drawing, jewellery, music, and writing. Musically, they have been known as Ethyn, Ethyn Nyhte, AQUAVINE, and Metrofox (sometimes stylized METRØFØX). All of their musical recordings are under their Pseudo-label, Neon Moss Records. Artistically, they go by their Wesley Ethyn Bowers, and sometimes W.E.B. Nyhte. They are also a budding author writing under the pseudonym, W.E.B. Nyhte.

Art Shows


"Birds of a Different Feather" | Clarkdale Memorial Library, Clarkdale, AZ | AUG 9-SEP 28

Where to Find my Creations Offline

RAD LABS at Foundation Studios (River Arts District)

27 Foundy Street, Asheville NC 28801

The Shop at Enchantment Resort

525 Boynton Canyon Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336

My Studio at Slywise Holler, Canton, NC (by Appointment Only)


Learn more about the backstory into their art.

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Guardian (Mother) by Wesley Ethyn Bowers


Learn about their foray into writing and their influences.

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Reading is Fundamental... Wesley Bowers Creative

Jewellery + Bespoke Design

Learn when they got into jewellery and their process.

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Alloy Reef: Ocean Fan Spherule by Wesley Ethyn Bowers

Music + Audio

Learn about their music styles and influences.

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Music at Wesley Bowers Creative
Sigils by Wesley Ethyn Bowers
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