Wesley E Bowers


Wesley Bowers is an American jewelry designer, visual artist, sing-songwriter, producer, engineer and content creator also known as Ethyn Nyhte, Ethyn, AQUAVINE, and METRØFØX. All of their musical recordings are under their Pseudo-label, Neon Moss Records.


Wesley started their artistic journey drawing from an early age. As they progressed in their craft, they were awarded MVP in art in high school. During and after their school years, they have entered local shows. Their main mediums are graphite, pen and ink, and acrylic.



Jewelry is their more recent venture. They started to make pendants from found and repurposed materials when they were living in Nashville, Tennessee in 2016. Over the next few years, they created a variety of one-of-a-kind pieces, collectively called BOUND ENERGIES. A friend of theirs introduced them to more jewelry styles and before Wesley moved to the Sedona, Arizona area, their friend bestowed the beginnings of what is now the LIFESTRANDS, and OCEANA collections.



They have been singing since an early age. They started singing in church and started to write their own music around the age of 13. They first started to post their music on Sony's ACIDplanet under the moniker AQUAvine. After graduation and moving away, they got some recognition in the Phoenix area and had a feature in the now defunct Several years later, they moved to Nashville to pursue their musical dreams and graduated from SAE Nashville in Audio Production. They got more recognition when they penned the song "Face the Mirror." It later was arranged for and performed by the Portland Gay Men's Chorus and Eugene Gay Men's Chorus. They also cowrote the song "Don't Tell, Don't Tell Anyone" for the award-winning musical about the life of Portland's longest living drag queen, Darcelle, called "That's No Lady... That's Darcelle." The majority of their music has been fully written, engineered, and produced by them.