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A more in-depth look at Wesley's backstory into their music.


They have been singing since an early age. They started singing in church and started to write their own music around the age of 13. They first started to post their music on Sony's ACIDplanet under the moniker AQUAvine. After graduation and moving away, they got some recognition in the Phoenix area and had a feature in the now defunct Several years later, they moved to Nashville to pursue their musical dreams and graduated from SAE Nashville in Audio Production. They got more recognition when they penned the song "Face the Mirror." It later was arranged for and performed by the Portland Gay Men's Chorus and Eugene Gay Men's Chorus. They also cowrote the song "Don't Tell, Don't Tell Anyone" for the award-winning musical about the life of Portland's longest living drag queen, Darcelle, called "That's No Lady... That's Darcelle." The majority of their music has been fully written, engineered, and produced by them.

They have gone under several stage names, including AQUAVINE, ETHYNETHYN NYHTE, and METROFOX.

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