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New Age / Electronic Music Project

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AQUAVINE (also stylized AQUAvine), is the musical project of American singer, songwriter, composer, audio engineer and record producer, Wesley Bowers. Their style is often referred to as Experimental, Electronic, EDM, Dream Pop, Synth Pop, and New Age.

  Their interest in music started at an early age when they sang in choirs, both in school and in church. They didn’t start songwriting until the age of 13 when they started dabbling with a music program called MIDI Orchestrator Plus. They soon started to tinker with other programs like Sony ACID, Audacity, Garageband, and Adobe Audition. Ethyn finally landed on a platform that they felt suited their needs, and that was Image-Line’s FL Studio. 

  After high school, they moved to Arizona and pursued fashion design for three years. While in school for fashion, they had the opportunity to release two albums and have some of the music accompany models down the school sponsored fashion shows. They made a choice to go back to Utah and started singing with the Salt Lake Men’s Choir. During the three and a half years in Utah, they released another album and two singles. They made the decision to move again, this time in pursuit of their musical career. Ethyn landed in Nashville and went back to school, this time studying and graduating at SAE Nashville in audio production. They had the opportunity to collaborate with several talented artists, as an engineer, artist, and songwriter. They had the opportunity to sing backup on some music by Ashley Warren. They released another two albums while in Nashville. Ethyn decided to make yet another move, this time to Portland, Oregon, with their husband. In 2018, they released AQUAVINE to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Hail AQUAvine. After a few years in Portland, Ethyn and their husband moved to sunny Sedona, Arizona. The DAWs they use are Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools.