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Always There

A poem about Fate.

Always There

Dear Fate:

I've received word that You were coming

You always do

I'm not sure if I want to take the right or the wrong

It seems silly to me that we meet again and again

The powers You've granted me are superb

But there are other offers and I'm sure I'll see You there

You always seem to be in multiple places at once

You never falter in Your duties

You've taken me to Paradise and to Hell

You've brought me joy and hate

Now I ask You a question...

How do You reverse what You've done? Is that also fate?

I'm sure You know very well that we can't go back

Not even to renew old friendships and gather yourself when you've been shattered

I'm sure that when you receive this letter that I will meet You again

It doesn't matter what I do, You will always follow

You will always be there, ready to embrace me with open arms

I'm solely yours.

Copyright 2005

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