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Song lyrics that Wesley has written.




Do you ever feel
Like you're alone
In this world

Do you feel like you’re
Out in the cold
Not safe and warm

Like no one is watching
And no one has your back
Cause no one gives a damn
That your life is off track

Look and you will find
You’re not alone
You’re not alone
You’re not alone

We all have obstacles in our lives
No one is perfect
Everyone has to sacrifice
Just to make it through

Did you ever hear
It’s what you have
Not what you lack

Did you ever fear
Of moving on
Not looking back

Cause you have the courage
To follow your own path
You have the power
To make a fighting chance

You, you have gift
Just open up, and let it shine
And let it shine

You are not invisible and
You are not unheard
You are an original
I know you will endure
Because you have the right to live
And make your way in life
And do the things you want to do
I know you will

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