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Song lyrics that Wesley has written.

Something Different



Ooh do do di da da drdrdrdrah da de de de da do
Everything that we want
Everything that we call home is gone
Everything is now in ruin, I know
I know
So I'll be going to
Go go go go
Far from the clouds
Are we gonna go down into the ocean deep, and
Are we gonna make everything fall into the light
I want to feel you inside my own body and I
Everything we call home, It's
It's no longer the thing we know, It's
Something different and I
And I know that we don't know how to change it but
We're gonna do something different
Something different
When we're all going
All going
All going down
We need to make it
We need to make it up
We need to go higher
Higher higher higher, oh
We need to go
We need, we, we, ah
ooh yeah
We need to go down
We need to make it our own
We need to make everything right in the end
We need to make it all right in the end

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