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Spectra (The Initial Album)


November 6, 2017

Spectra (The Initial Album)

1 Above the Stratosphere (Initial Version) 02:11

2 Terra Cycle (Initial Version) 03:40

3 Carnival Walk (Initial Version) 03:20

4 Spectral Waves (Initial Version) 02:43

5 Castle Quest (Initial Version) 01:35

6 Euryale's Lament (Initial Version) 02:18

7 U Drive Me (Initial Version) 02:39

8 I Can't Dance (Initial Version) 03:46

9 Don't Stop (Initial Version) 01:55

10 Spirit Dance (Initial Version) 03:01

11 Into the AQUAVINE (Initial Version) 03:38

The Initial Version of Spectra consists of the same tracks, but in their original state when AQUAvine composed on the Auxy app.

Released Date:

November 6, 2017

Produced By:

Wesley Ethan Bowers

Engineered By:

Wesley Ethan Bowers


Neon Moss Records

Recorded At:


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