Wesley E Bowers



"Create what inspires You. Make what moves You. Connect to the pieces and let them aid You to become Your true self and guide You in what You are meant to do. It is my hope that the various artforms found here inspire You and allow something marvelous to awaken inside of You."



Jewelry is their more recent venture. They started to make pendants from found and repurposed materials when they were living in Nashville, Tennessee in 2016. Over the next few years, they created a variety of one-of-a-kind pieces, collectively called BOUND ENERGIES. A friend of theirs introduced them to more jewelry styles and before Wesley moved to the Sedona, Arizona area, their friend bestowed the beginnings of what is now the LIFESTRANDS, and OCEANA collections.


Out of all the creative outlets, I would have to say that jewelry is the newest for me to delve into. I have been creating visual art for a good chunk of my life – I have even been in a few art shows over the years. I have been composing music for nearly as long and singing for longer. When I was in grade school, I remember making friendship bracelets and other beaded trinkets. At the same time, I was also rather curious about the metaphysical, about magic. I have always felt a connection to their supernatural, spiritual, and emotional energies.


A few years back while I was living in Nashville, I went to the Oregon coast and had the urge to collect driftwood, sea glass, abalone shell, and other found objects and to bind them together with various metals. At the time I had no idea that I was creating amulets. I simply felt compelled to mold these elements into new creations. They started to catch on with friends and family, so I began to create more.

After moving to Portland, a few friends that I came to know could sense the energies from my pendants and informed me that they were not just pieces of jewelry, but relics, amulets. They invoke various auras. Shortly thereafter, one of my friends bestowed on me all his jewelry-making supplies and I knew what was being asked of me. I hope that the amulets and relics compliment, strengthen, amplify, and aid you with your energies and journey.


Please connect with me if you would like more information on any of the pieces.

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      The pieces range widely with affordability across the spectrum.